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Men in Harmony is always looking to recruit new members who can sing in tune and learn our repertoire to performance standard.  We reaally enjoy our hobby of singing well with others and hope you will too.  We wonder how our time at rehearsals goes by so quickly as we enjoy it so much!   We routinely stand up while singing and performing, so a reasonable level of fitness and stamina is required. 

An ability to read music is not essential.  Many Barbershop singers do not read music.  We provide audio learning tracks, music and excellent tuition to guide your progress.  All our members are happy to provide guidance and assistance.  You will also be supported by a 'buddy' who will be your initial 'turn to' person, to help you every step of the way. 

Our chorus consistently seeks to improve its performances and sound, so we are all always actively learning on this shared journey.  Singing together with others is fun and invigorating as we combine to perform and sing the wonderful soaring sounds of barbershop close harmony.

Your first step is to start attending weekly rehearsals so you meet us and experience what we do, then you decide if what we enjoy - is for you!  Our chorus values its members and you have the opportunity to join a great team who are very welcoming.   

Ask questions of any of our team who will provide you all reasonable assistance.  If they can't answer your question they will introduce you to someone who can!

Website - Limited access to the MIH website will be provided to those who express a desire to try out & audition to join the chorus.  This access will provide you with some initial music and information to assist you.   Learn how to download Mp3 learning tracks and sheet music from our website.  If you don't know how we can assist you.

Audition?- YES we do.  You will be asked to learn one of our repertoire songs memorising notes and words.  To help you prepare for an audition you will be assisted by experienced singers who will sing and practice the audition song with you.  When you feel you have comfortably learnt notes and words advise your Section leader or our MD.  Then you will be invited to sing with others before the Music Director.   

After successful audition, you may choose to apply for membership to the Chorus. Membership is subject to Management Committee approval and may be granted after payment of fees payable quarterly in advance.

Questions or more information?  Contact Ron Shaw: 0434 906 738.

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